Month: April 2020

Rona Musings Closure II

I said in another post that while I’m stubborn, my mind can be changed. After writing the first installment of this series, I decided not to reschedule. Rona be damned. But my brain was unsettled. I was upset. Not just at definitions, terminology, or dates. But about not being able to honor my Love’s wishes in the age of Rona. During my somewhat tear-filled … Read More Rona Musings Closure II

Rona Musings Closure

In the Jewish tradition, a stone is set on the grave between six months and one year after a person‘s passing. The stone setting is a time to remember the deceased- the official end of mourning. Unfortunately, Rona may preclude that from happening on time in my Love’s case. It was suggested to me that if I need this act for closure, to go … Read More Rona Musings Closure

Rona Musings Peace

My Eagles music day continues It has put me in a reflective mood… This song… all of it… I am not going to quote the lyrics- you’ll just have to listen. Because peace is what we all crave when we are on a journey towards healing. Peace from darkness peace after loss peace from demons peace with past choices peace for present choices peace … Read More Rona Musings Peace

Rona Musings Transformation

I was proofreading old blog posts late last night- reading with a critical eye and basically as an outsider in my head. Wow, just wow, if I do say so myself. I have come such a long way in 10 months- Transformed from internal all-consuming grief to soul rendering mourning to putting the pieces back together healing. Trust me, not fooling myself- the journey … Read More Rona Musings Transformation

Rona Musings Lessons From a Tree

Every year my Love and I wondered if this old tree in the front yard would need to be cut down. The trunk is hollow The bark is falling off It is covered in moss The dogs would sit in front of the hole in the bottom and wait for chipmunks to come out to play. It has definitely seen better days. For all … Read More Rona Musings Lessons From a Tree

Rona Musings Dancing in the Car

I just did a Target run. Typical department store in the age of Rona. Long line snaking around the store, six feet apart, one cashier open. Reminiscent of Black Friday. Reminded me why I avoid Black Friday shopping, actually. But back to dancing in the car. On the way home I was happy dancing in the car. To Poison. I can dance to anything … Read More Rona Musings Dancing in the Car

Rona Musings Pushing the Pull Doors

Swimming upstream Going against the grain Marching to the beat of a different drummer Eccentric Renegade Rebellious Willing to experiment Playing devil’s advocate Looking for adventures Jumping down rabbit holes Following the yellow brick road Expecting nothing less than what I am willing to give in return. Reading the last chapter first to see if the ending is worth my time. Going in through … Read More Rona Musings Pushing the Pull Doors