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Rona Musings Closure II

I said in another post that while I’m stubborn, my mind can be changed.

After writing the first installment of this series, I decided not to reschedule. Rona be damned.

But my brain was unsettled. I was upset. Not just at definitions, terminology, or dates. But about not being able to honor my Love’s wishes in the age of Rona.

During my somewhat tear-filled thought process, I realized that closure means different things to different people. A wise friend suggested that it is something that is personal and unique to each individual. I agreed.

More deep thought ensued as I attempted to summon grace and understanding from the depths of my dark soul, then swore a blue streak at Rona.

After I took my head out of my ass, thought clearly and critically (with a little help from my son), then cried some more, I changed my mind. I proceeded to call the cemetery, and postpone. No replacement date yet.

You see, while I would like to honor my Love’s wishes and have it done within a years time, I just can’t do it without family present.

Family means more than tradition.

Rona sucks.

XO Lisa

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