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Musings Badassery 7/31

It started with a 90-day bet to change my life for the better (and get two-thirds of the way to my ultimate goal)… Now I am laser-focused on that goal 90 days started on 7/29 and mark my words, I WILL WIN! XO Lisa PS I don’t have a competitive bone in my body… healingmusingsWinning

Badassery 7/30

Okay little badass calendar, you stumped me today. I actually had to look this one up. Yep, google is sometimes my friend. Now I’ll see ads for bones on my Facebook feed and laugh my ass off. So here we go: “For those that didn’t have the fortune of growing up in the 1960’s and…

Badassery 7/29

Not me… Every, single, time I try to take control things get screwed up… That’s why I keep repeating Faith over Fear Heart over Head Peace over Pain and just trust that the right people and situations will come into my life at just the right time … and if they’re dumb enough to do…