Moving Forward

Badassery 7/22 and 23

Well hello little bad ass calendar

you finally did it

brought up hot sex

the part of myself that I had


tucked away

not even for a rainy day.

And then the next day

you have the sheer balls

to follow with

“And everybody benefits.”

Just one question

from she who questions everything:

Who is everybody?

Perhaps this is like the game

that my kids played

whenever we went

to a Chinese restaurant

and read our fortune cookie

fortunes out loud

followed by the statement

“With sex!”

I will admit that our loud laughter got more than one side glance on those occasions (Disclaimer: they were well above the age of 18).

But perhaps there’s a lesson

in that story

and I should take heed.

Or perhaps not…

I’ll just go back to thinking with my heart

XO Lisa

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