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Gratitude Day 125

Grateful for Fun with Family My son posted this tribute to his wife and my daughter-in-love today on social media. Of course I had to chime in… Our exchange may have the appearance of snark, but it’s all in jest with great love thrown in. My adult son (really, both my children) and I have always had a no-holds-barred-say-it-as-you-see-it-and-I-don’t-give-a-flying-fuck-what-you-think type of relationship. Sometimes the … Read More Gratitude Day 125

Gratitude Day 118

Five years old and a party! Houdini, aka Bubba and his new green boots with sissy forgetting her listening ears momentarily (circus in full performance mode). Happy Birthday with Aunt Effie singing along from Oregon. Tormund the big cheese fell asleep right in the middle of the couch! The alpha male is identified! The party – “The best birthday ever” according to Bristol! XO … Read More Gratitude Day 118

Gratitude Day 117

Grateful for dinner out last evening With my good friend Nikki. We sat at the bar Socially distanced! Talked work and work experiences met marvelous people laughed a lot and then went shopping… It’s good to get out when so much time is spent alone. It’s also good to return home… Happy Saturday and stay safe! XO Lisa ❤️

Gratitude Day 111

Grateful for the circus that is family, extended family, and friends! Soup cook off last evening (for the most part socially distanced, of course)… Met the new grand-kitty. Tormund Cheese Giantsbane. I am sure he will grow into his giant name… Slept in son’s camper Met outside with shouts of “Grandma! Grandma!” upon awakening. Morning breakfast at the Shawn & Sarah circus! Great conversation … Read More Gratitude Day 111

Musings Gratitude Day 110

Grateful for yesterday! … I was able to go to the office for part of the day and actually be around people! The occasion was helping with an equipment photo shoot. Safety measures were taken, of course! Fun, as always! XO Lisa ❤️ PS- Thank you, Kim for hiding my Dumbo mask ears with your hair- don’t think I will ever go blonde! I … Read More Musings Gratitude Day 110

Musings Gratitude Day 109

Gratitude is a funny thing, It helps me look at the world from a more positive viewpoint. Even though I swear a lot, even though I’m all out there for the world to see, even know I don’t take crap from anybody. Recently, I hopped back on Facebook dating. It hasn’t really changed. repeat It hasn’t really changed. The scammers are still active. Their … Read More Musings Gratitude Day 109

Musings Gratitude Day 108

Today I am grateful for: I saw this meme on Instagram today and had to share. I have mentioned many times that I was broken. Many people think they’re broken, however, broken has such a negative connotation. Since I saw this little piece of wisdom in the form of a meme, I’ve been thinking that the term “broken“ should never be used to describe … Read More Musings Gratitude Day 108