Badass Moving Forward

Badassery 11/17

Well hello little badass calendar!

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Yesterday’s topic was money, so I ignored it.

Today’s topic is, again, forgiveness, but from another angle.

Forgiving oneself.

Forgiving oneself is very important and is something many of us have difficulty with.

We go to great lengths to make excuses for others, explain away bad behavior, and forgive others. However, we are often not nice to ourselves. 

I don’t know about you, but I am so hard on myself.

Overweight = Unlovable 

Sarcastic = Bitchy

Take no crap = Nobody will ever put up with me

Opinionated = Overbearing

Confident = Intimidating

Brutally Honest = Mean   

Okay, Lisa, enough self-flagellation.

Leave the rope and whips for when you let your dark side out to play…

Let’s turn this around and be nice…

Overweight = More to Love

Sarcastic = Fun-loving with a hint of honesty

Take no crap = Solid Boundaries

Opinionated = Knows what she believes in

Confident = Courageous

Brutally Honest = Authentic

Doesn’t that sound better?

I thought so…

Here’s to being nice to oneself…

XO Lisa ❤️ living a gratitude filled life!

4 comments on “Badassery 11/17

  1. Forgiving oneself is a huge step in turning over a new stone, turning to a new chapter, and living within the Lord’s positive light.

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  2. What a great way to “turn that frown upside down”!

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