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Happy Birthday in Heaven

Today is my Love’s first earth birthday since he passed nine months ago. As expected, I woke up crying. Decided to go Facebook dark because memories are so very painful today. But yesterday is what I came to write about: I told my daughter-in-love that I was missing him because it was the first night…

Playing Faces

My four-year-old grandlittle loves ‘playing faces’ (her words) on the messenger app. It’s one way to stay connected and have a little fun during this covid pandemic. Here are some pics of the fun: … and never stops moving, even when blowing heart kisses to say goodnight! Playing faces time is definitely a highlight of…

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  1. Maurice 'MO' Allen

    Hello, Lisa. I just took a moment to open your blog site. Thank you for the mention of our conversation at check out. Your energy truly did radiate the lobby, when you walked up to the counter, and that was before we had our conversation about our loved ones. I will continue to follow your blog, just to bask in more of your radiance as you continue your journey of enlightenment. Thanks again. Talkatcha.

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  2. Lolly Crummett

    Your words touch my heart. On July 7th this year my husband lost his battle with esophageal cancer. It was his wish that “no matter what “ our daughter got married as planned. On July 10th my oldest son escorted his baby sister down the aisle and on July 12th we buried my best friend in this world.

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