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Badassery 9/10-13

Well hello again little badass calendar… I have neglected you and for that, I am really not sorry… Who writes to a calendar, anyway? Seems kind of crazy! But here we go ‘round the mulberry bush: 10: Okay, point taken. It’s time to get the sense of humor back, or be my smart ass self,…

Musings Badassery 9/4

Well hello little badass calendar Thank you so much for reminding me that I am somewhat of a procrastinator. For instance, I have been saying that I need to clean out my basement for the last five years or so. At least that’s all I will admit to. I suppose I’ll get around to it…

Musings Badassery 8/29&30

Well hello little badass calendar I missed you over the busy weekend! I must say that I agree with this message! We should all celebrate the magnificent creatures that we are! By the way, nobody messes with me, but I gave up dreaming long ago… XO Lisa Badasserymusings