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252 Do You Want…

The question, “Roxie, do you want to go for a ride?” always elicits a flash of fur running for the door accompanied by whining and barking.

Today after work, Roxie went on a very long ride with Bill and I.

We went to check out the job site he’ll be working on for the next few weeks, to get gas, and then a stop at Roxie’s favorite eating establishment for fries.

She sat on Bill’s lap in the front seat- happy as a dog could be.

Don’t worry, I was driving… we wouldn’t want to break any laws!

Roxie has chosen Bill as her person.

She’s in love!

She sleeps on his side of the bed and hates it when he shows me any affection whatsoever- so much so that she leaves the room!

She’s always been a man’s dog… first Larry and now Bill.

But that’s okay…

She is a lucky dog to have two great loves in her life!

Just like her mama!

We are grateful!

XO Lisa and Roxie❤️ 🐾

6 comments on “252 Do You Want…

  1. Wonderful story of love! Thanks Lisa.

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  2. Mary Quinn

    I love that y’all are so happy and so compatible.

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  3. Beautiful ty for sharing

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