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My Day, oh my

My Roxie staying close to me all day

I took my dog out this morning at approximately 7:15 am.

As is our usual routine, I put her on the lead and followed her outside.

Before I could get down the front steps, I heard barking followed by whining and yelping.

Heart racing, I ran down the steps and around the corner to see two dogs on top of my dog.

She was on the ground pinned. I yelled and ran towards the dogs and they let go of her and ran off towards the woods in the back of the house.

One was a pit bull that was brown with a pink collar. I didn’t notice any discernable markings. The other was a black skinny dog with a long tail. I didn’t notice a collar, but that dog had its back towards me. I have never seen these dogs in the neighborhood.

I she was stunned, shaking, whimpering.

After I carried her into the house, I called my wonderful neighbor who was here in 10 seconds flat. We examined Roxie and didn’t see any blood, but she had quite a few tender areas.

I left messages for the Veterinarian every way I could and Rox and I were on our way by 8:50am.

Luckily, nothing is broken and with the help of pain meds, she’s resting comfortably at the time of this writing.

My heart still hasn’t really calmed down…

I am grateful that she’s lying next to me on the couch.

XO Lisa ❤️ living a gratitude filled life!

22 comments on “My Day, oh my

  1. Thanks for following my site; you are very kind.


  2. Thank goodness Roxie is okay. The tender hurts will soon heal. My sister in Indiana experienced a similar incident with her dog, with even more serious injuries (and stitches).

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  3. aguycalledbloke

    Bad news … is it the norm for dogs to be off lead and roaming in your neck of the woods?

    Glad that Roxie and you are both well though and recovering.

    On a side note Godsmack and the Scorpions for you Madam L – here’s wishing you a totally Inspirational Sunday too 🙂

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  4. Poor thing. Both of you. That is a situation that aggravates me a lot (I don’t have to ask how you feel about it).

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  5. What an awful ordeal! Those bad dogs … or should I say: those dogs’ BAD OWNERS😡 Glad that you both are ok.

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  6. I’m really happy to hear that Roxie is ok and I hope you are as well. What a horrible scare!!

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  7. Grrrr….I’d be on a dog hunt! These definitely need caught. Could belong to someone who needs to be called to tow for letting their dogs run loose or could be dumped dogs. Regardless, they are dangerous to other animals and G-d forbid, a small child!

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  8. omg I am sooo sorry you had to go through that but glad she is ok. soooo scary. I have some stories that are boot shaking like that. take good care!!!! ❤️❤️ sending lots of love and hugs🤗🤗🤗🤗

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