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Rona Musings Gratitude Day 135

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“None of the dead come back. But some stay.”

― St. John the Divine

I have felt Larry near many times since his transition to peace and absence of pain. They are chronicled throughout this blog: Out Loud ; Dreams; Daybreak and a Visit; Musings Gratitude Day 69; Musings Gratitude Day 36; Inner Dialogue at 4am; Silent Lucidity; Supernatural Experiences and Lessons; Dreams of my Love; Thoughts on Grief XXXIV; and Thoughts on Grief XXXI. I know I’m missing some, but you get the picture.

Larry has been silent lately, perhaps busy visiting others. Today his son mentioned that he has been “… in my dreams almost every single night.”

But yesterday afternoon was my turn again: I was sitting in the den (relaxing with a friend), watching the Masters Golf Tournament. The touch lamp started flickering, flickering more, then turned off and back on, then the flickering continued.

Seriously, Larry?

So I spoke out loud, “okay Larry, hello, cut it out.”

Flickering lamps are not surprising, to me. I recognize that it’s Larry’s easy way of getting my attention. However, this time I was actually relaxing. With a friend.

Later, explanations were provided and all was well. Friend was not scared off or weirded out. Conclusions were drawn that Larry was telling me that he was glad that I am happy.

Yes, I am happy – and it feels good!

Life moves forward.

I do not feel guilty about this time in my life,

living my truth,

allowing myself to feel,

taking one day at a time with no expectations.

I am living the fullest life that I can in this time of Rona.

So Larry, pop in whenever you want. I’m still here. Not to worry, regardless of what I am doing or who I am with, I will never forget you. My funny drama king who always had to be the center of attention, you don’t have to show up to flicker the lights for every, single, moment of my life… you might be embarrassed. I take that back, not possible. But thanks for the validation yesterday… I appreciated it.

XO Lisa ❤️ living a gratitude filled life!

8 comments on “Rona Musings Gratitude Day 135

  1. aguycalledbloke

    Was he a Larry or a Lawrence or even a Laurence or purelya Larry 🙂

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  2. Such touching thoughts Lisa! ❤️

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