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What I Love About…

What I love about

Blogging vs. Social Media

I love Blogging vs. Social

because filters exist

I haven’t seen outright

personal attacks here

the bloggers I interact with are

supportive, kind, real,

and just plain nice.

Not saying that nice people

don’t exist on Social- they do

My true friends ARE wonderful!

However, my breaks from Social

are getting longer and longer

because I find myself using the

delete comment and

BLOCK buttons more and more.


Because people think they can-

and do say such venomous things.

There is really no reason

not to be kind because

everyone is struggling with


whether they’ve put it out there

for others to see or not.

My choice is to

Be Kind and

Just Say No to Bullshit!

203 & 15/365 XO Lisa

17 comments on “What I Love About…

  1. Like!! Great article post.Really thank you! Really Cool.


  2. I have never used any other platform except for my blog. With no desire to be with the social media crowd, I can write and share it with readers who want to see where the words will take them.

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  3. I ditched Facebook. Became a vile place.

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  4. If it wasn’t for kids over seas. And can only talk to them through FB messenger. That I can do. I believe I would be off too. Very well said❤

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  5. I couldn’t have said it better myself!

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  6. Well said! I’ve never been on Facebook and think I’ll keep it that way 😊

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  7. One of the best decisions my wife and I ever made was to leave FB and all other Social. On the blog I have more control.

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  8. 100% Facebook was rotting my soul (Instagram wasn’t much better) so I don’t miss either at *all*. I’m much more at peace without them. I can choose to live in a bubble to some extent, because I don’t need to see exactly how nasty people can be when there’s no personal responsibility/accountability taken or enforced.

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  9. Social media can be a good tool for those of us with very small businesses. Beyond that, it has caused me to see people differently and that can be a pretty harsh reality. I’m with you. Lean into kindness.

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