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Traveling Alone – I Did It!

I drove four hours today

for work


the first of three nights

alone in a strange place.

Not such a big deal-

for a regular business traveler,

but for me, it was huge!

This is the first big trip alone

first hotel stay alone.

Sure, I’ve traveled since,

well you know, since

my Love died

but it’s always been to see

and stay with family.

I’ve worked out of town and

you guessed it,

stayed with family.

My love LOVED to travel

give him a destination and

he would create an itinerary.

Not just any itinerary,

but a detailed itinerary complete

with everything to see

on the way and what we

were to do when we arrived.

I secretly think that he timed

potty breaks…

I’m a bit more free-spirited…

I like to go and figure it out

when I get there – none of this

timing it out to the minute thing.

But the point is that I did it.

I’m here!

Meeting new people –

working at a new job that I love

and did I mention that I did it?

I actually left my house and

drove to an unfamiliar place and

only made two or three

wrong turns (even with navigation).

I met a long-time friend for dinner

and had a delightful time

catching up- thanks Judy!

All in all a great day

with no tears


I did it!

Fear- 0 Lisa- 10

202 & 14/365 XO Lisa

8 comments on “Traveling Alone – I Did It!

  1. Wonderful experience! Best wishes in your next trip. God’s peace!

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  2. Yaaaay! 🤗🤗🤗

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Yay! Would you accept it if I said I was proud of you?

    Liked by 3 people

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