I will- No, I choose to:

Be happy

Honor this life I’ve been

blessed with

Guard my heart


Share my journey back from

the abyss

Remember my Love

and the lessons he taught me

Summon my Strength even

when I feel weak


Practice Gratitude,

Kindness, and

choose Abundance.

These are choices that

I will make daily.

Because although

sadness will always be

under the surface,

life is a choice,

attitude is a choice, and

living is a choice.

I will, with G-d’s help,

make the rest of my life

the best life possible

because I am blessed.

202 & 13/365 XO Lisa

9 comments on “I Will

  1. Life brings us choices, sometimes from places we least expect to find them.

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  2. That’s good. You can do it. My Mom’s favorite song was, “One Day At A Time.”

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