I once had a dream

that G-d wasn’t here

He wouldn’t listen-

I could not draw near.

In the past I’d believed,

but not anymore:

When a window was closed-

He’d open a door.

But the door didn’t open,

it was tightly closed.

My hopes and dreams

seemed highly opposed.

In my dream I was angry,

yelling at Him-

My hopes for the future

were nothing but grim.

Then I heard the voice

of Hope in my soul-

Words I’ll never forget,

that made me whole:

“The window is closed,

that much is true.

The door is locked

and you cannot get through.

But all is not hopeless-

I do hear your calls

Turn around

and you’ll see that

there are no walls!

Your future is bright-

if you’ll trust in Me

Open your mind

so you can now see.

See clearly now

that My plans aren’t your own

When you trust in Me wholly,

you’re never alone.”

I turned ‘round to witness

a beautiful sight

The world no longer dark-

was bathed in bright light.

The light of trust and belief

invaded my soul

And that was the vision

that made me whole.

© 10 June 2004

— When I wrote this I was in the throes of my greatest depression. My younger sister Dana had passed away four months before from cancer and I mistakenly thought that grief was something I should ‘get over’.

Now I live in a box with no walls.

XO Lisa

13 comments on “The Door

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  2. Wow, Lisa! This is beautiful! This goes right along with the sermon that was preached Sunday morning at our church! Thank you for sharing! ❤️

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  3. Since this epiphany, I refer to my “box with no walls”

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  4. Here is an additional note. I found God present in the words about there being no walls despite the closed and locked windows and door.

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  5. Wonderfully crafted poem! Thank you for sharing Lisa.

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