Doors – G-d’s Eternal Themes

Certain themes have been staples in my life.

A conversation with Renee Heart Tokens sparked this thought process…

When I wrote “The Door” I was in the throes of my greatest depression. My younger sister Dana had passed away four months before from cancer and I mistakenly thought that grief was something I should ‘get over’ . I couldn’t figure out why I was still so sad.

I had put myself in a box of despair. One month before the thought crossed my mind that driving over a bridge would get rid of the pain. Reason prevailed and I sought counseling. That simple action brought me out of the great depression and gave me tools to deal with grief and many other challenges that I would face in years to come.

I call that counselor my angel in disguise.

Back to my original thought. Boxes and Doors. G-d’s Themes.

G-d’s themes are eternal.

Prayers answered two ways:


or “Wait,

I have something better

in store for you!”

NO is not an option!

There are NO closed doors-

only opportunities to turn around

change course

find one’s calling

real purpose

live out loud

choose good

be positive

make a difference

Live in a place of LOVE.

Now my box lid is not closed-

no more claustrophobia

Whenever I feel boxed in

I remember that my box has

No Walls!

When doors seem closed,

I remember to turn around

to discover what

G-d has in store.

When your doors seem closed,

when your box closes in,


No walls and turn around!

XO Lisa


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