what a marvelous word!

It says many things

that need to be heard-

I can be me

and you can be you

Both looking out

for the other, it’s true.

Left behind are dependence,

jealousy and greed-

Thinking not of oneself,

but of each other’s needs.

No fear of rejection,

guilt trips or threats

Each one not looking

for what they can get.

Two different souls walking astride,

Sharing a journey-

not along for the ride.

Helping each other

through good times and bad

Cheering successes

and sharing the sad.


such a marvelous word!
It says many things

that need to be heard-

You can be you

and I can be me

That says it all-

the true meaning of free.

© Lisa M. Stansbery (Preisler) 28 February 2004

When I wrote this in 2004 I was contemplating what I ultimately wanted in a relationship. Having been in several dysfunctional partnerships, I knew that having a clear goal was necessary. So I wrote it down and put it out to G-d and the universe.

Little did I know that in October 2005 I would meet my Love and my life would never be the same. Our almost fourteen year journey was more than I could ever have hoped for. Thank you, my Love for making my dreams and wishes come true.

I miss you…


XO Lisa

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  1. Hi, nice post ! I’ve shared it with people on my webpage, and they
    really liked it! Have a nice day.


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