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Adventures of Bad Grandma

Grandma is in town working, so son and daughter-in-love got a rare opportunity to leave the littles at home and go on a date night tonight.

I love my grand littles. They are sweet, cuddly, and have more energy than a titanium spring.

But grandma kept them busy.

We played with cars

Only a couple of bruises

We played with dolls

The doll concert

We played with Slime

Have you ever seen slime before?

We didn’t even turn on the television

Everything was going swell.


The smallest little stealth bomber, AKA Houdini decided to let the dogs out the front door

by himself

with no shoes on

in the dark

and take a stroll in the front yard

enter bad grandma

with a frantic adrenaline rush

running out the front door

no shoes

in the mud

to rescue little stealth bomber

AKA Houdini – from the front yard

his feet slathered in mud

and what smelled like

dog excrement

Score: Houdini 1: Bad Grandma 0

After feet are successfully cleaned (ick), rear end swatted (Houdini didn’t even cry- easy there), and time-out on the couch (because that’s what they do these days). Houdini was pretty mad at Bad Grandma.

Look at that face

That’s when the phone call came.

You know the one.

From the overprotective son AKA papa bear. “Hey mom, is everything going okay?” Me, “Sure, why?” Papa Bear, “Just wondering.”


Until papa bear and daughter-in-❤️ got home and I got to review the Ring Doorbell footage.


Damn technology.

Score: Houdini: 1 Bad Grandma: -2 Ring Doorbell: A date with wire cutters

But Houdini and I made up


We got some laughs from papa bear’s overly dramatic Ring Doorbell reveal. Papa bear and Daughter-in-❤️ had dinner entertainment, everyone is still alive, and bad grandma not only had a blast with her grand littles, but also a brief reprieve from grief.

Final Score- Bad grandma: Blessed

183 XO Lisa

13 comments on “Adventures of Bad Grandma

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  3. Haha, sounds typical! Are the poochies safe and sound??

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  4. Sister….literally LMAO! Apple -tree!

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  5. You are such a good “Bad Grandma!” I had to chuckle on this one! My grands are a mess, too. They wear me completely out with their energy! I’m glad to see you had a great time! 🙂

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  6. 😂😂
    Thank you for the great night ❤

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