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Badassery 1/29/2021 and Gratitude 152

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Today I am in a fetal position, not from hopelessness and confusion, but from a “significant” abdominal infection (as the nurse who called me this morning repeated at least five times-with alarm in her voice).

The good news is that I was not a stubborn arse (as usual), because I did go to the doctor before the “significant” infection became worse and surgery was no longer an option that I could decline. More good news is that I am following the treatment plan of two antibiotics, and pain & anti-nausea meds when needed.

It’s a good thing that I had a “tidbit of clarity” yesterday during my “significant” 8 on a scale of 10 pain and replied, “Fine I’ll come in to see the doctor.”

Another good thing is that the pain has subsided “significantly” and now it’s down to 5, which I can deal with.

The way I look at it, just a bump in my “significant” long and winding road.

I do have a tip of the day though: All is not lost! If one has to be on a clear liquid diet for a few days, drinking electrolytes from a wine glass makes not eating food seem “significantly” more normal!

So today I am grateful for doctors, nurses, concerned friends, antibiotics, pain meds, my new favorite word “significant,” and getting better one step at a time.

XO Lisa ❤️

23 comments on “Badassery 1/29/2021 and Gratitude 152

  1. Praying for you Lisa. May God bring about quick healing.

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  2. glad you got to the doctor Lisa and healing. what a gift the 60s brought but I lik your idea of a wake up call and drinking from a wine glass. Sending prayers. ❤️🤗🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏

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  3. Thank you for going to the doctor! We have a long family history of NOT! Feel better soon! Love you! ♡

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  4. That was really quite a significant post.

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  5. Prayers Lisa! Hope you are feeling better soon! That sounds very painful and miserable! 😫

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