Badass Grateful

Badassery 1/28/21

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Well hello little badass calendar…

You are concise today,

I am just not feeling it…

Between yesterday being my sister’s birthday – a sad day since 2004

and my ramped up pain from a marvelous gastrointestinal flare up (that hasn’t happened for years),

I am ready to curl up in a ball and just say “Fuck the world I want to get off.”

Wait, wrong quote… it was supposed to be “Stop the world I want to get off.”

But I’ll be fine in a few days with the double heavy-duty antibiotics, anti-nausea meds (to counteract the side effects from the antibiotics), and a stray pain med or two thrown in for good measure.

Maybe G-d is trying to me that I really need to start taking better care of myself.

Yeah, that’s it…

I will ride this out, hopefully not whine, and come out stronger for it! Then I will take better care of myself in the future.

I spoke it out loud so it will happen!

The Badassery calendar says so!

XO Lisa

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