new life

Holidays… meh

The extent of my holiday decorations this year…

I’m just going to put this out there:

Not looking forward to the


at all.

Decorating- just didn’t feel it

especially this year.

My Love and I grew up observing different religious customs. He Jewish and I Christian. We merged as one and embraced each other’s traditions willingly.

The first time he met my crazy extended family was on Christmas, of all days… I don’t think any of them had ever met a Jewish person – but there was Christmaskkuh from Seinfeld. I know he was so uncomfortable… but he was his completely charming, extroverted self!

We always chose themed gifts together for the adult kids and had so much fun shopping for the littles.

I learned early on not to trust a Jewish boy with a credit card to do Christmas shopping because it just might get maxed out. He loved shopping for presents!

But back to decorating and done with rabbit holes. I didn’t want to decorate this year. It seemed so pointless.

But I did, a little, and they all have sweet meaning:

Last year my Love and I painted the ceramic tree. He suggested it! I was so excited and he was happy to help, even though Christmas wasn’t his holiday.

The Menorah is the one I got for him our first Hanukkah together – he lit it every year. I will light the candles for him this year, even though I don’t know the prayers. But G-d knows.

The snowmen are from my Mom’s collection. She had so many.

The dragonfly bowl is mine. I created it just a few weeks ago at my favorite ceramic shop.

My Love brought the little Nativity home to place under the tree from our favorite birdseed store.

The oil burning rock we picked up on a trip and I don’t know where else to put it so it remained in its spot…


going through the motions

of the holidays

will chase away

the darkness

and help


But if I stay home,

please understand…

176 XO Lisa

6 comments on “Holidays… meh

  1. The items you brought out have special meaning. These connect the past with the present.

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  2. Beautiful keepsakes 😶 I lost my mom and brother in the span of 12 months. The holidays will never be quite what they were, I feel, no matter the healing that takes place. Thanksgiving is one I’m not ashamed to say i’ve written off mentally….I stay home for sure and I don’t even feel guilty that we made tacos instead of turkey. It is all about emotional survival in our own time.

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  3. Sorry if this reply looks strange my WP is playing up. I so understand this.

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