My Paradise

There’s a place in my head where I can go to see my Love. It’s my idea of Heaven. My Paradise with white, sandy beaches lush tropical vegetation, no bugs, palm trees swaying gently, clear blue water, and always warm with sunshine. My Love is healthy, strong, and ever-present. I feel his love surround me […]

New Beginnings

So many new things coming in the near future. New job, moving closer to family eventually. Great blessings! To G-d to genetic family to chosen family to friends in person to friends online to everyone who has supported, lifted me up in prayer, and wiped my tears and to my Love who showed me daily […]

140 Days

12,096,000 seconds 201,600 minutes 3360 hours 20 weeks 38.36% of 2019 That my Love has been gone… So much has happened that I want to share I know that he knows but it doesn’t lessen the sting the longing the sadness and the burning in my eyes as I cry every night in the dark…