New Beginnings

So many new things

coming in the near future.

New job, moving closer

to family eventually.

Great blessings!

To G-d

to genetic family

to chosen family

to friends in person

to friends online

to everyone who has supported,

lifted me up in prayer,

and wiped my tears

and to my Love who showed

me daily that I am worthy-

Thank you.

To kindred spirits living

in grief of their own

but still find time to

offer comfort-

you are amazing.

I am not out of the grief

forest yet, but can see

a small beam of hope

through the trees.

Grief sucks but people

who love me make it

almost bearable.

XO Lisa

I just realized that this sounds like an award speech. You know, the one that drones on and on until the music comes up and the winner is ushered off the stage… But I feel like I have won a major award… perhaps I need a leg lamp from my favorite Christmas movie as a tribute to my stubbornness. Or maybe, just maybe, I am living my life for me instead of everyone else for the first time ever!


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