Thank you for LOVE

I realized something quite profound today.

My guilty feelings over

not doing enough,

recognizing things, or

knowing (things that I could not have known)

are misplaced.

It was never my path

to save you

My path was to

learn openness and trust

that I could,

that I deserved to

LOVE and be loved

by a man

in a way that

I had never been

loved before:



with laughter,

sometimes tears,

during great times

and hard times,

with open communication

both challenging the other

to grow past their comfort zones

into better versions of themselves,

both learning to love

in the truest sense because we

valued each other more than ourselves.

By breaking down my barriers to LOVE,

my Love left the most important lesson for last:

Love endures, even past death.

My path was not to save,

the lesson was to learn to LOVE and be loved.

© Lisa P 29 September 2019


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