Happy and Glorious Pigs

I firmly believe that people are put into the path of one’s life for a reason. Krista is one of those people. She started as my Love’s palliative care physician and has subsequently become a friend. Today I met her glorious pigs.

Just as every person has a story, pigs do too. Ms. Zumwalt aka Zumi is a certified practicing therapy pig who goes on speaking engagements.


Stanley is a rescue pig from a big city in south western Ohio. He’s shy around strangers, but warms up quickly.

“I love belly rubs”

Cleveland (the wonder pig) was rescued from, you guessed it, downtown Cleveland. He had a broken pelvis and multiple infections. Initially only a short-term foster, he became part of the family menagerie which also includes two dogs and two talkative birds.

“Are there more carrots?”

It takes a big-hearted person to not only love animals who are down-and-out, but also love and care for humans who are suffering through their last days on earth.

Thank you, Krista, for your caring heart toward both two and four-legged animals. It is my pleasure and honor to call you a friend.

© Lisa P 29 September 2019


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