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Grateful and Thankful for HPM

I am grateful that my Love was under the care of wonderful Hospice/Palliative Medicine (HPM) Physicians during the last six months of his life. I wanted to publicly thank them on this platform for some time but until today couldn’t find the words.

My Love resisted HPM. Only after much discussion (read arm-twisting or strong insistence) did he agree to Palliative Care to help manage his pain. As a medical professional, I knew that he needed help beyond what pain-management was providing.

I cannot thank Krista and her team enough for their caring, love, and support. They went above and beyond in the office and during numerous hospital admissions. The team took the time to become my Love’s friends. I only wish that he could have met the palliative pig! (See: Happy and Glorious Pigs). Krista has since become my dear friend.

I have been following some members of the HPM team in the Twitterverse and their caring after hours is evident by this tweet today that went straight to my heart:

Please pardon my horrible art to protect the innocent…

The link Katie posted describes perfectly the “getting hit by a freight train realization that a loved one has died”. Listening made me cry and then rejoice that I have come so far.

Here is the link:

To all HPM Physicians, Nurses, and Personnel: You are Unaware Angels to so many. Much love and never forget that although it’s difficult to express when in the battle, your kindness and caring does not go unnoticed.

190 & 2/365 XO Lisa

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  1. Beautiful song! So true!

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