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The Power of Love II

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Continuation of The Power of Love I

My Love was a force.

A light in my darkness.

When we met, I was in a dark place

and headed down an even darker path.

He was bold, confident,

charismatic, humble, and

unlike anyone I had ever met.

We had an instant connection.

As I alluded to in my post Out Loud,

he had certain tastes that I had

never encountered.

However, slowly and lovingly

he gained my love

and my trust.

He promised to cherish, love,

protect, and respect

me. Me?

Whom I deemed unlovable…

because I was broken and I knew it.

He promised never to demean me.

He promised never to withhold

support and affection.

He promised love and safety

in his presence.

He made good on those promises

and many more.

I was his… forever

we were one.

Because he promised to put

my best interests

foremost over his own

he gave up the lifestyle –

when it became too much

for my well-being.

I had never experienced

deeper, truer,

unconditional love

with a man.

My Love loved me

where I was,

healed my brokenness,

by teaching me

that I am worthy,

that I am strong,

that I am fierce,

that I am beautiful,

inside and out.

His last lesson was

that I can




I owe him my gratitude


he gave me the best of his life


I will miss him

for the rest of


207 & 19/365 XO Lisa

6 comments on “The Power of Love II

  1. The love expressed in this post defines unconditional love.

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  2. A lovely soulful write Lisa ❤️

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