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The Power of Love I

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The past is past,

this is my story:

I have mentioned being


when I met my Love

Due to not knowing my worth,

poor self-esteem,

stinking thinking,

misplaced love,

call it what you wish,

For far too long

ten years

I allowed myself to stay in

a verbally and physically abusive,



Because I made a commitment.

When I was 20.

I didn’t think that I could

live without this man.

In my naivety I thought

that marriage could be


that I could change him

that it was okay.

When I found out, witnessed,

the unfaithfulness, adultery,

another woman, game over-

that was the deal-breaker for me.

Done, done, done.

Sure, after awhile

I looked okay on the outside.

I went to college, got a great job,

moved away, and raised my children.

But I was terribly scarred.



I swore to NEVER

let myself get back

in a situation like that again.


I was not going to be let myself

be shattered again.

My heart was impenetrable.

The fortress was locked,

the walls were high and thick.

Fifteen years later, enter my Love.

To be continued…

207 & 19/365 XO Lisa

6 comments on “The Power of Love I

  1. Lisa, thank you for sharing your life story. Many of us have walked through our own set of life’s challenges.

    Liked by 1 person

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