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Rona Musings the Morning After

I finally did it, again!

Got rid of my hair!

Another nemesis- gone!

I hate messing with hair, coloring it, seeing the gray. Waking up in the morning with the Albert Einstein look, like a punk rock party gone bad.

I am more of a quick shower, a dot of shampoo, and off we go type of person!

I had the same haircut in 2005. New Years Eve to be exact. My dear daughter did the honors. Fond memories of garage clipper cuts with son first and me second ensued throughout the year.

Last evening, with tequila courage, Led Zeppelin, clippers, and a four blade, I finally did it again.

This is me! The real me!

Look out world, she’s back!

XO Lisa

Please, please get this song out of my head:

6 comments on “Rona Musings the Morning After

  1. Very cool! I’m trying not to cut all mine off again but with the masks and PPE I’m thinking about it! You look awesome

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  2. It makes your eyes bigger and brighter…better to see the whole world with

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  3. Beautiful! 😊🌼☀️

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