What are you Grateful for?

I only ask because

expressing gratitude regularly

has changed my life.

My view is


My eyes see everything

as new and exciting.

I look at my two-year old grandson who recently had his car seat turned ‘round from backward to forward facing and how his whole world changed.

He was able to see things he hadn’t seen before.

His excitement was palpable!

He was so cute pointing and yelling out that he saw cars, trees, and trucks.

He catapulted into conversations constructed of complete sentences.

That is how I feel since I have been looking through the lens of gratitude.

Although the outside didn’t really change,

everything seems new.



Colors seem brighter.

Scenery is breathtaking.

My world is kinder.


Such a simple thing

but a real game-changer.

XO Lisa ❤️ living a gratitude filled life!

10 comments on “Gratitude Day 137

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  3. Grateful to us that are grateful and you! xo ❤️

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  4. Grandkids are real gamechangers.

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  5. I love your example of the child’s seat. It’s so true!

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  6. I agree Lisa. When we soak up life’s simple moments, they will fill our cup with overflowing gratitude.

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