new life


There are many kinds of reunions.


old friends

souls you feel you’ve met before

visits from beyond

happy, sad, bittersweet,

all reunions-

similar, yet different.

I am in yet another city working

joyfully caught up with

another old friend, SH,

and like when I saw

my friend JM in Cincinnati

the topic of conversation

steered to my Love.

Yes, he would’ve been pleased

scratch that,

he was pleased to be remembered.

We shared much laughter,

ugly cries, brutal questions,

soul-searching answers.

Back-and-forth true friendship

laced with

swearing (i.e. brutal questions),

eating, loud music,

memories old,

and new created.

In spending time

a question

delivered in Message Received after

my Love’s last visit

was answered

through one friend-

but applicable to everyone I know:

And who is gonna save you

When I’m gone?

And who’ll watch over you

When I’m gone?

And when I’m gone

Who will break your fall?

Who will you blame?

I can’t go on

And let you lose it all

It’s more than I can take

Who’ll ease your pain?

Ease your pain

Who is gonna save you when I’m gone?

And who’ll watch over you?

And who will give you strength when you’re not strong

Who’ll watch over you when I’ve gone away?

Myles Kennedy, Scott Phillips, Brian Marshall, & Mark Tremonti

Not to worry my Love,

I’m okay, even when I’m not

for I have

Family, friends, acquaintances,



those we knew together

those you never met

all sent to me

for a reason, a season,

or forever- like you were.

Rest peacefully,

I’ve got this new life

You won’t be forgotten.

237 XO Lisa

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