Life — Period.

“Sometimes a single life will clearly and effectively illustrate a period.”

Theodore Dreiser

———- Period

Dreiser’s statement begs a question:

When my life is over, what do I want the description of my —Period to be?

According to Webster three meanings of the word Period are:

“the full pause with which the utterance of a sentence closes”

“—used interjectionally to emphasize the finality of the preceding statement.”

“the completion of a cycle, a series of events, or a single action”

I sent out inquiries to a select few not-related-by-blood individuals: “How would you honestly, brutally honestly, describe me to someone whom I don’t know, in 20 words or less?” My own little research project.

The first list I received stated: Passionate. Determined. Fierce. Loyal. Unwavering.

The second stated: Caring. Honest. Beautiful smile. Awesome sense of humor. Loyal. Family first.

The third: Strong. Out-spoken. Loves deeply. Pretty. Funny. Smart. Will call out BS. Educated. Loves her kids and grandkids. Big reader. Writer. Driven on things close to her heart. Family oriented. Thinks outside the box. (more than 20 words-lol)

Any of the above could be seen as a fault/challenge – depending on who was looking…

Seriously though, after looking over the generous descriptions received, I had another question for myself: Why is it that the person I see in the mirror is so focused on the things she wants to fix that she can’t (or won’t) see in herself what others see?

That’s a rabbit hole to go down later.

Back to —-Period.

If I had my wish, my life before it’s final —-Period would be described in just one sentence:

She never gave up —-Period.

191 & 3/365 XO Lisa


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