Epic meltdown


epic fail in a personal goal

epic everything

that seems like it’s going to crap

guess I’ll have days like this

but unprepared for the tidal wave…

Instead of giving up

to the abyss

and carrying out my

planned exit from

this world,

I’m packing up memories

so they’re no longer in my face

because I

just can’t see them daily anymore

and continue to

move on with my life.

It’s my response to a strong

suggestion to “Pull your ass back”

from the dangerously close edge

(more like an order from

a far-away friend

who made me laugh through my tears –

btw thank you).

It’s time

it will be therapeutic


and brutal

all in the same instant

but I am strong

I am alive

I am grateful

I am thriving

and I am worthy

of this life I have been granted.

One setback does not

mean defeat


… tomorrow.

But today

I will cry, remember,

yell, and

scream if I have to

because I am a warrior

and this






XO Lisa

22 comments on “Epic

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  7. Ruth Kanney

    I did the same thing after my good friend died took me about two years before I can set the stuff back out and not feel affected too badly by it but hold it and tell her how much I loved her it’s OK!

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