new life

Be Still and Know



Despite best intentions,

the overwhelming

inability live one day

at a time



is my nemesis

my kryptonite.

However, when I reflect,




this life did not work out

as I would have hoped

something magnificent,

more fulfilling,

infinitesimally amazing,

and predestined by G-d

was right around the corner!

If I believe this to be true,

and I do-

proven time and again,

why then do I let small things

bother me?

Why should I let any things

bother me?

I K.N.O.W. my G-D is in control,

and no matter

how badly I want to take over

and most certainly crash

into the rocks,

H-‘s steering this shipwreck.

For a reason,

every season,

and forever…

XO Lisa

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