Instead of anxiety,

I choose gratitude

Instead of trepidation,


In yesterday’s blog post Life — Period. II I mentioned the one-year anniversary of my Love’s death was 30 days away. The anxiety about the date started weeks ago.

I am determined to perform a conscious action each day to quell the apprehension that is steadily building. I will not allow dread to drive me off the rails again to another Epic trip dangerously close to the edge of the abyss where I no longer think my life is worth living without my Love.

Therefore, I will practice gratitude daily. Today, and every day. By recounting my truth through the eyes of gratefulness and love again, and again, again. Until the one-year anniversaries that I view with trepidation and fear have passed and the stone-setting is complete.

Here we go. Day One:

I am grateful that I met Lawrence my Love.

When I met him I was disillusioned, tired of the rat-race (or meeting rats), and literally done with dating. I met many men. I had no hair (just like now). I am weird, a nerd, think too much, far from a beauty queen. Not everyone’s cup of tea.

In fact, I had predetermined that IF I met him, he was the last person I was going to meet before I gave up altogether.

He was outgoing, insistent, determined. He kept calling, I answered, and he just wouldn’t take my NO for an answer.

So I very reluctantly agreed to meet.

The first date had to be postponed because he was called to work. (I questioned my acceptance, but I question everything). His persistence continued.

We continued to talk.

Then we finally met face-to-face.

To be continued…

XO Lisa

7 comments on “Rona Musings Gratitude Day One

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  5. Your words remind me of meeting my bride for the first time. We just had to build a bridge over nearly 1,300 miles.

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