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222 Gratitude – Peril or Protection?

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My gratitude journey unofficially started in May 2020 with the post Rona Musings Gratitude and the Grief Train

Officially, with Rona Musings Gratitude Day One.

Although I do not share reflections daily, noticing things for which I am grateful is a priority.

But there are perils to living a life focused on gratitude:

  1. Good overtakes bad
  2. My faith has become stronger than ever
  3. The “news” is not important
  4. My focus is on positive rather than negative
  5. My non-conformist personality is stronger than ever
  6. Worry, while rearing its ugly head occasionally, leaves sooner when reminded, “I will give to God that which I cannot control and accept what I cannot change!”
  7. I want to spend time with people who are of like mind, rather than those full of angst.
  8. I no longer care what others think. (I always said I didn’t, but secretly did).
  9. I am emboldened to share my faith in God and my Savior Jesus Christ
  10. I have abiding peace in my soul that whatever has passed, is happening, or is to be in the future, God is in control!

My former self could not have dreamed of living in this mindset. She was scared of change and becoming a new person.

Giving up control? Never!

Abiding peace? What is that?

Not caring about the news? The horror!

Not giving a damn what other people think? The bullied little girl who cried in her pillow at night is gone…

Not worrying, giving problems to God? I am enjoying freedom from the worry monster for the first time in my life!

The “perils” of gratitude that my former self couldn’t fathom have turned into the very things that protect me in the present.

I am so grateful!

XO Lisa ❤️

7 comments on “222 Gratitude – Peril or Protection?

  1. Worthy thoughts! Gratitude is a word filled with many sidebars, but it always brings us heartfelt peace to pray with feelings of thanksgiving.

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  2. YES! fantastic post! I’m truly inspired. 💕

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  3. And I am grateful right there with you! I’m so proud of you! You are truly brave! 💜

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