“Sometimes a single life will clearly and effectively illustrate a period.” — Theodore Dreiser

26 June 2019

One year anniversary in 30 days on the Gregorian calendar.

Yahrzeit candle lighting in 18 days on the Hebrew calendar.

My Love lived 24,558 days. We were together 20% of his life and 23% of mine. 4987 days.

I will leave it to others who knew my Love longer to discuss his legacy. The footprints he left on my life are evident and chronicled in the pages of this blog.

We will gather on 28th June at 11am for the unveiling of his headstone.

To remember my Love.

Hopefully the time will include stories.

Stories of His life.

We will try not to focus on our sadness at the one second it took for him to leave our presence.

Instead, express gratitude for his larger-than-life personality and 24,558 days of an extraordinary life well lived.

We will remember…


…and his Legacy.

XO Lisa

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