Acceptance Gratitude Series Moving Forward

Musings Gratitude Day 101

101 days of gratitude- WOW! Today I am grateful for the past that has shaped me into the person I am today.

It seems a lifetime ago that I wrote “Rona Musings Gratitude Day One”

Gratitude days one through three outlined the new beginning for my Love Lawrence and I.

I am forever grateful for the years with Larry, the lessons learned, and the love shared.

I have written many times that when we met I was broken. Disillusioned is a more appropriate term. However, he loved me exactly where I was with patience, care, and guided me into the adventure of a lifetime. We were two familiar souls meant to intersect at just the right moment. He always said that I would not have liked him had we met 10 years earlier… he was correct, as always.

But he died…

I promised that I would be strong,

that I would never forget him,

that I would be happy,

… and I will love him

as long as I breathe

and into eternity.

For that is the meaning of deep and true love.

Some will not understand, say it’s the past and life must move forward.

On the surface they may be correct, but on a soul level that reasoning is flawed.

My love died.

My heart is inexorably tied to his.

I will talk about him,

I will remember him,

I am who I am because of his influence,

and I will continue to honor his memory.

Just the facts.

This does not mean that

I will never love again

that my heart is closed,

for it’s not a competition.

It’s me —

Respect that

and accept me for who I am,

or move on.

XO Lisa

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