Grateful Gratitude Series

203 Signs and Wonders

I traveled to Wisconsin today.

For Work…

From home-

East of Cleveland, Ohio.

The trip was long – I left at 7:30am and arrived at 5pm.

10 hours with traffic, potty breaks, construction delays, one time change, and waiting in line for a toll transponder that I was told I didn’t need when I finally got to the front of the line (I’m not so sure about that…)

But I made it to check in at my hotel, get dinner, and then decided to go in search of Costco to get gas.

Truthfully, this is my first work road trip since the trip that spawned Epic in February 2020.

I was apprehensive. Thinking all day on the road about being in the same room with people again.

Anxiety has been rising all day.

My introvert has been in full force because it was comfortable at home working in a virtual world.

I was wondering how to summon my hidden extrovert as I arrived at the gas pump.

The elderly man at the next pump asked me if the tattoo on my wrist was a rosary. I answered no, turned my wrist over and showed him the infinity arrow that completed the bracelet. He asked me the meaning (see Flying Forward to Infinity) and went on to say that I got it after my husband died two years ago.

We had a nice conversation about GRATITUDE (I was wearing one of my many “gratitude” printed t-shirts) and upon finishing pumping gas he told me that my husband was surely a lucky man and wished me a grateful day. I returned the wish to him.

Thinking about this encounter I thought, “Talking to strangers isn’t so scary after all!”

But what I saw when I returned to the hotel and walked to the window really blew my mind!

I walked to the window to close the blinds and this is the sight that greeted me:

Racine WI

I will wake up tomorrow free of self-doubt and embrace the day with a heart full of gratitude!

G-d is good…

XO Lisa

15 comments on “203 Signs and Wonders

  1. Searching for a post that I missed, this one shares some blessed thoughts. It is always amazing how life figures out a route for us. Thanks be to God.

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  2. Omgosh Lisa!
    I had no idea when you mentioned you were going to Wisconsin for work, how long a trip that was for you! My goodness! I’m so sorry that I wasn’t thoughtful enough to ask and made sure I prayed for you and a safe journey.

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  3. this is a beautiful chance meeting making the trip worthwhile with the greeting of that amazing rainbow. such a gift and loved your share on Gratitude Lisa (of course right.. how serendipitous)!

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  4. Awe a heart! And a rainbow💜 I’m glad you made it safely to Wisconsin. Stay safe! 🙏🏼

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  5. Very cool! Where in Wisconsin di you have to go. I’m from there originally.

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