The western shore of Lake Michigan, to be exact.

Before you Ohio State fans cringe, I said West, not East.

As in Wisconsin!

Water is my happy place, preferably with waves. This shore didn’t disappoint! The wind was whipping and boats were few.

Only two sailboats in view.

On my way back to the hotel, I drove through downtown Racine where, like many cities, boarded up window remnants of riots last year were visible.

Coworkers told of that frightening time in the history of this relatively small town of less than 100,000 residents.

Back at the hotel I have already packed and except for bare morning essentials, the car is loaded.

They have different varieties of day lilies in this hotel landscaping.

The little corner of Wisconsin I am in is beautiful, but this girl is ready to go home!


XO Lisa ❤️

2 comments on “204 I Found Water

  1. Lisa, it looks like you enjoyed the “west side” of Lake Michigan. The beautiful, blue water captured my attention immediately . . . as well as the lighthouse. Peace be with you.

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