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Faceless Demons

Oh the irony of numbers

Today marks 143 days

since my Love left earth.

On 5 March 2016

my beautiful Mother

closed her eyes on earth

and opened them in heaven.

On 27 July 2016,

144 days after my Mom,

my first love

my hero

my Father

the strongest man

I ever loved

whom I adored with

all my heart

who loved his daughters

grandchildren and


who didn’t want to be

a burden to us

and loved my Mother

for more than sixty years

but felt he

couldn’t live without her

and had difficulty

expressing emotions

took his own life.

He committed suicide.

He saw no other way

to get rid of his pain.

No note, no goodbyes.

In our hearts we knew

why he chose that road.


from a survivor’s view

suicide is a very selfish act

it causes PTSD.

Suicide leaves nothing but

horrendous pain, guilt, and doubt

in its wake that lasts for years.

The person who commits suicide

mistakenly believes that

the world would be

better off without them


they are of no consequence.

They see nothing but


when in reality

to someone they ARE the light.

If you are reading this

and thinking of killing yourself







International Suicide Hotlines


Crisis Text Line

XO Lisa

© Lisa M Preisler and, 2019- indefinite. All Rights Reserved

7 comments on “Faceless Demons

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  3. Oh Lisa,
    This is so painful. I’m so terribly sorry. I wish there were words but there just isn’t. I’m sorry, Friend. Hugs

    Liked by 1 person

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