On this day of pausing

to give thanks for blessings,

I remember lovingly

past gatherings

at my grandmothers’ tables,

in my parents’ home,

and with family and friends.

__________ 🍁 __________

We always took time

to give thanks for our blessings-

for each other and

for love shared.

Those who were missing

but not forgotten

were always included.

__________ 🍁 __________

Today I remember

all the people who

have influenced my life

and I thank G-d that

I have been so blessed.

__________ 🍁 __________

I give thanks

for family and friends

who have supported,

prayed, loved, and

lent their strength

when I had none.

You are my heart.

__________ 🍁 __________

I give thanks

for my Love

who showed me

that unconditional love

and marriage can be


That I am worthy

of such love.

__________ 🍁 __________

I am thankful for all

my children

who love me even if

I drive them crazy…

__________ 🍁 __________

And my grandchildren

the lights of my life…

__________ 🍁 __________

What are you thankful for?

__________ 🍁 __________

155 XO Lisa

2 comments on “Giving Thanks

  1. Ruth kanney

    Thinking of you this holiday season.

    Liked by 1 person

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