Pixaby: Pedrofigueres

I am perfecting my speech

Two times in two weeks

Two different stores

First store I had asked for

my Love’s name to be removed

and mail still kept coming in his name.

I was polite and mentioned that he had passed. Then she looked up the account and said his name with a question inflection.

I answered “Yes, he’s DEAD!”

The second was today at the pharmacy. I asked for a printout of my husband’s prescription history. I was told “He has to be here.” My response, “He can’t be here, he’s DEAD! I could go dig him up, but that would probably be uncomfortable for you and everyone in the store. Would you like to see my ID or a copy of the death certificate?”

The perfunctory “I’m sorry for your loss” did not match the look of horror in her face.

Nearly perfect… if I make it any better, I may get banned. Perhaps I should just wear a scarlet W on my forehead as a conversation starter.

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