birthday Grateful Love

Happy Birthday Dana

We miss you…

Since you went on your next great adventure on 11 Feb 2004 our family jig-saw puzzle has been missing a big piece.

Today would be your 56th earthly birthday.

As Linda says, “I can see Grandma and mom taking over God’s kitchen!” to make your favorite birthday dinner. It was always fried chicken, california (cauliflower) with cheese sauce, and pumpkin pie.

I think the birthday cake pic above is Eff’s birthday and Denise and Dana helping her blow out candles, because Dana always requested pumpkin pie.

The pumpkin pie instead of cake always represents Dana’s personality in a nutshell.

Dana marched to the beat of her own drummer,

always found a reason to laugh,

was the life of any party,

and forever in the middle of some form of hijinks.

Not only that, her heart was as big as the sky.

She knew every word to the Lion King and sang loudly with gales of laughter. Disney movies were her forte. I have never laughed so hard in my life.

I probably mentioned a lot of these things in my In Loving Memory of… post last year, it was quite a bit longer.

Dana, we miss you and love you…

Happy Birthday in Heaven,

give everyone a big hug from all of us still stuck down here

We’ll see you soon…

Always and forever yours.

XO Lisa

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