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In Loving Memory of…

Dana Long VanAntwerp 1965-2004

My beautiful sister Dana

who would have been 55 years old


was a bright light

in our family

and lives on in our memories

Her sense of humor was endless

She loved deeply,

especially her girls…

lived her life with abandon

and left her footprint on many.

She would have chosen hamburgers with sauce, “California” (cauliflower) with cheese sauce, and Pumpkin pie for her birthday dinner. We would have had a blast trying to get all those candles on that pie. I am sure hilarities would have ensued when the lit pie was topped with whipped cream… I am laughing at the thought, because wherever Dana was there was sure to be laughter and practical jokes.

I am going to rock out to Kiss, AC/DC, Aerosmith, The Cars, Eagles, and Journey today in your memory.

Happy Birthday my sweet, loving, hilarious, practical joke playing sister.

You will never be forgotten.

All my love forever,

I miss you more each year…

Your big sister Lisa.


6 comments on “In Loving Memory of…

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  2. A beautiful share Lisa! Happy birthday to your sister! Today is my mother’s birthday too, she would have been 81 today ❤️

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  3. Great memories! Add Van Halen to your play list! Love you! ❤️

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