Talking about

and remembering

or sharing stories

of my Love

your mom






who have passed

can help a great deal.

I don’t know why many people are

so hesitant to talk about

those who have died.

We know they’re dead

every minute of every day

mentioning them

isn’t going to change that –

we really can’t get

any sadder!

But memories



can help us smile

and proves that

they’re not forgotten –

that is the greatest comfort.

So don’t hesitate to talk!


166 XO Lisa

4 comments on “Pet Peeve

  1. I agree Lisa. I remember my grandparents frequently. I was blessed with some amazing people who inspired me in my life. God’s peace!

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  2. Thank you Lisa for this confirmation! I am working on a post right now that I need to finish… I was hesitant about whether I needed to share it or not. Thanks for sharing your feelings. I believe it was meant to be…:)


    • Thank you for letting me know Renee. I was ‘pushed’ to share this last night. Happy it was received! I can’t wait to read your post!


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