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255 My Mother’s Hands

I’ve always said that if I grow up to be half the woman my mom was, I will feel as though I’ve made it.

Today I realized that

I have

my Mother’s


My Dad had large hands with long fingers.

Mom’s just the opposite, small and dainty

hands that were weathered

and wrinkled

in later years –

certainly proof of a well-lived life…

Her hands:


but stern;


yet comforting;


and vulnerable;


while flexible.

A study in the dichotomy of life.

I miss every part of my mom,

her absence from earth

took part of me with her.

But more than anything

I miss holding her hands

until I look down

at my own

and smile…

XO Lisa ❤️

9 comments on “255 My Mother’s Hands

  1. a beautiful gift in your lines of poetry with your mother giving hands LIsa! 💖

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  2. Keep smiling Lisa! My recent time providing home care for my mother was a special time.

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  3. Oh Lisa, I love this so much💕

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  4. This post touched me and made me smile, Lisa. I also have my mother’s hands and fingers. It’s like remembering Mom when I look at them. Funny how that is. I guess it’s what we saw when we were small and Mom was taking care of us with those hands. Feeding, clothing, bathing…we had a close up view of them, I suppose. 🙂💜😇

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