Not my favorite animals…

These guys are stealth and sneaky!

We awoke to a clanging and upon looking out the front door saw not one, but two raccoons eating the birdseed out of the formerly covered can on the front porch…

The birdseed is now inside the garage…


for now!

Grateful that


we were able to laugh about it…

XO Lisa

7 comments on “254 Critters

  1. Yes, raccoons can be a nuisance. My brother in Indy had to call for help to remove one from his attic.

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  2. Yeah, raccoons are a nuisance but unfortunately they are a cute looking nuisance. They haven’t been able to figure out the bear-proof trash cans…yet.

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  3. Raccoons are a hot mess! Cute, funny and if raised from young, can be loving pets…..However! Mischievous, to clever for their own good AND have thumbs to get in trouble with! Lol
    I made the mistake while camping, of offering a single raccoon a nugget of dry dog food. Big mistake! Huge!
    I thought it was so cute. I sat at the picnic table offering nuggets from my hand, which it would take and prompting wash in my dogs water dish.

    Apparently, the other 10 members of it’s family was watching from the woods and before I knew it, I was surrounded by raccoons who were growing impatient with me as I couldn’t hand them out fadt enough and they had begun tapping on me for attention! It had become quite unnerving!

    Another time, I took my kids camping with my sister and her family. We had brought tons of food foe several days and plenty of supplies for the kids to make Smores each night for a treat.
    Having been wilderness camping before, I knew to secure food away before going to bed, which I did. After dinner and smores, we secured everything in the coolers.

    Well, let’s revisit those thumbs Shall we and how those are TROUBLE!
    Clearly, racoons LOVE LOVE LOVE,, marshmallows….but it’s doubtful that marshmallows love them.

    We awoke to a double campsite, completely and utterly covered in raccoon marshmallow vomit! They had opened the coolers and ate 10 large bags and had spewed marshmallow all over the ground, picnic tables, coolers, everything! Lol

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