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I am not impressed by celebrity –

or titles – never have been

but sometimes one can learn

from wisdom.

I’ve read similar thoughts

and heard them in

many different forms

in the last seven months.

What struck me in the video below

were these thoughts

attributed to fear

but applicable to life:

“Be still… understand that things come and go… emotions come and go… accept them all… embrace them all… choose to do with them what you want versus being controlled by emotion.” – Kobe Bryant

When we identify a feeling

Acknowledge it- whatever it is:

Grief, fear, longing, addiction,

sadness, hopelessness,

pain, unworthiness, anger,

remorse, guilt, disgust, helplessness,

Unpack it

Embrace it

Lean into it

Feel it

Cry, write, talk,

get the emotion out

instead of holding it in


look at it as if it were

someone else’s problem

Think about what you

would tell them

if they shared it with you.

Are you telling yourself

the same things?

See it for what it REALLY is

it may be your mind running wild

or it may be valid

Either way,

acknowledgment can

chase darkness away

faster than

giving up

or giving in.






217 & 29/365 XO Lisa


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