Dana- The smiling girl in the middle!

Today is the 16th anniversary

of the day our family was

forever changed…

5845 days since the day

my sister Dana passed.

16 years later, she is still missed.

The hole is still there.

I miss her goofiness,


Her smile.

Her one-of-a-kind laugh

Her ability to make me laugh-

until I pee my pants.

All the practical jokes.

She is the only sister who could get away with stranding me on top of the kitchen counter (while trying to hide Easter baskets) by removing the chair I climbed up on. Then running upstairs to tell mom that I peed on her counter from laughing so hard. In the end the mess was cleaned up after the bleach came out. Mom was upset, the baskets were hidden, we still laugh about it – the story is legendary.

Whatever Dana was up to, it was sure to involve laughter or getting into trouble, and probably both. But she always got out of it. Always. It was her magic.

The pot she was growing in the basement window- supposedly forsythia bushes. Until dad took it to the police station for a horticulture check. The police station? Why not a greenhouse? How did my dad know what pot plants looked like? Hmmm….. Our trip through the Cemetery one Christmas afternoon on the way to buy batteries- and the dead giveaway munchies when we got back to our parents’ house. Again, how did our Dad know what we were doing? Another question for the ages.

She was my soulmate in music. The heavier and harder the better. My sister Linda and Dana’s daughter Shana have taken up that mantle now. And Disney movie tunes? She knew all the words and sang them at the top of her lungs – for her girls. But really just because she was always so damn happy.

She is missed by everyone who knew her. We all have stories centering around laughter, adventure, fun, and perhaps an ambulance chase or three…

Dana, not a day goes by that I don’t think about you. You are my shining star. Since you’ve been gone I force myself to laugh more because I want a small part of you to continue on through me. You would be so proud of your girls. I’m sure you’re watching over them and see how much they take after you in totally different ways. Shana looks like you, has your sense of humor, mannerisms, and laugh- talking to her is almost like deja-vu. Shannon is so competitive just like you were. Her sense of humor and attitude is you through and through. She doesn’t give Kevin a break… sound familiar?

I know in my heart that someday we’ll see each other again. Give Mom & Dad a kiss and hug, our Grandparents too. Find Larry and tell him I miss him. I’m sure he already found you- he felt like he knew you because I talked about you so much. I’m ready for another visit… come soon please.

We all miss you like it was yesterday…

All my love,


Your big sister Lisa

5845 & 💔 still

3 comments on “Dana

  1. Ruth Kanney

    Thinking of you…such a beautiful love between sisters…

    Liked by 2 people

  2. May Jenkins

    Such a pretty storey of your family. Thank you for sharing these memories with us.You always tell a story so well makes me feel like I am right there with you!
    As always love to you!

    Liked by 2 people

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